The Proper Way of Installing Fiat 500 Stripes

The proper installation of Fiat 500 stripes will ensure that you are going to enjoy the appearance of your car for a very long time. Relax and have fun with it, the process is nothing to worry about. Clerky vs Stripe Atlas

Several basic steps are involved in the proper installation of Fiat 500 stickers. Although the product is designed to be maximally user-friendly and practical, you will still have to adhere to the basics in order to be absolutely satisfied with the outcome.

The first condition that has to be taken under consideration is the temperature. Fiat 500 decals come with a self-adhesive side and the glue is heat sensitive. Trying to install the stripes on very hold or very cold days will make it a whole lot more difficult for you.

The working space should also be impeccably clean. Best results can be achieved in a garage because you can control both the temperature and the cleanness. Application that takes place outdoors will be much more difficult. The wind that blows can stick dirt and small particles to the sticker.

Get your car impeccably clean. Wash it with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly with water. Let the surface dry completely before you begin the installation of the Fiat 500 stripes.

The Fiat 500 stripes come with one great advantage – they are measured for this model. This means you will not have to waste any time on making measurements. It also means that the stripes will be just right and you will simply stick them, without having to trim the edges and to make other adjustments.

Place the stripe precisely where it should be appearing. Stripes are traditionally applied to the sides of the car. An alternative is having those on the hood, roof and the back of the Fiat 500. When you are happy with the position, hold the stripe in place through the usage of masking tape.

The stripe is a relatively long piece and you will find that installation is going to be easier if you rely on the help of a friend. The two of you can be working on the opposite sides of the sticker, which makes the procedure easier.

Remove the protective tape from the adhesive side of the sticker. You will need a credit card or a squeegee to gently push all the air bubbles from the central part of the sticker to the outer edges. Work methodically and make sure that you have removed all of the major air depots from underneath the surface.

Press against the car and your Fiat 500 stripes are installed. When you are ready, you can remove the protective cover from the front of the decal. The aim of this thin film is to keep the stripes safe from fingerprinting during the installation process.