An Indian Safari – The Experience of a Lifetime

The incredible variety of Indian flora and fauna, coupled with the diversity of the topography of this vast land mass has given India pride of place as one of the foremost travel destinations that you simply cannot afford to miss. If you are on the lookout for adventure and an unforgettable vacation, nothing can beat the thrill of an Indian dubai desert safari What’s more, you’ll be introduced with a wealth of opportunities to explore the natural beauty of this country and the splendor of a natural environment that is second to none.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Make the most of a truly unique opportunity to watch wild animals in their natural habitat by opting for a safari in India. Into the bargain comes the unforgettable natural beauty of the wild environment. A close-up view of such natural marvels as the play of light and color on a spider’s web showered with dew drops, in the midst of the lush vegetation is a sight so beautiful that it could literally leave you speechless.

You could consider that you have it all – the prospect of adventure that comes with a safari in India, surrounded by panoramic scenery and cultural delights, form a marvelous blend that make a safari tour in India an absolute must for you. So if you are a wildlife enthusiast or an adventure seeker, you can be sure that an Indian safari will give you the excitement you thrive on.

With so much potential, the unique attractions of an Indian safari have captured the imagination of researchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, not to mention the adventure seekers, out for the thrill of their lives. All these people would be happy to know that safari tours in India have become that much more accessible, with luxury accommodation available to suit every pocket. And that’s not all – you can take your pick from campsites, parks or thickly forested woodland.

Having said all that, let’s take a look at some of the locations at which you could expect the delights of an Indian safari. Favorites among Indian and international visitors alike include the Ranthambhor, Jim Corbett, Kanha and Kaziranga National Parks. So if safari tours in India are on the cards for you, you know just where to go to experience the best that India has to offer.

As for the different forms an Indian safari can take, again, you have a range of choices at your disposal. Safari tours in India are well organized with experienced guides in attendance, so you can be thoroughly briefed with regard to what you can expect in terms of varying geographical conditions. Believe it or not, you can take your pick from camel safaris to safaris on elephant back – and more.

Camel safaris are the great new attraction promoting safari tours in India in a big way. Not very surprising when you come to think of it. With an Indian safari on the back of a camel, you as a tourist get so much more than the safari itself. A camel safari gives visitors the unique experience of connecting with the villages on the fringes of the desert and getting acquainted with the culture and way of life of the local people. And of course, there is the enthralling sight of the sand dunes to look forward to.

Step into the world of the royals of ancient India by going on an elephant safari – another unique choice when it comes to an Indian safari. You can relax and take in the tranquility of your surroundings as you are transported on elephant back, through terrain that is often too treacherous for vehicles to navigate.